"Finding your Niche" -Welcome to the workshop!

You are in the perfect place to finally get clear about your niche.
And the best part: It's easy. It's fun. It's liberating!

Make yourself comfortable, get something to write ...
and then let's start our journey together!

01 Getting started (1:50min)

On a scale from 1 to 10, how do you feel about your niche and avatar?
(1 = It stresses me out, I hate it - 10 = I couldn’t enjoy it more!). Write the number down.

02 Why finding your niche is so important (1:20min)

Your niche is your starting point in business. Without this, nothing makes sense.
With your niche being clear, everything else can fall into place.

03 short settling meditation with Binaural Beats music (5:30min)

Let's take few minutes to settle.
The meditation contains Binaural Beats music - listen with headphones for the best experience.

Download the Meditations from this workshop

For each meditation there are 2 versions - one with and one without Binaural Beats music:

Download does not work on iOS (thanks to Apple..). Please use your computer.
From there you can copy the mp3s to any other device.

The music contains Binaural Beats and Bilateral stimulation.
Binaural Beats guide your brain into the alpha state (relaxed awareness) or delta state (deep relaxation).
Bilateral stimulation is used in EMDR (trauma therapy). It helps to let blocked emotions, feelings and fear dissolve.

They only work when listening with headphones.
Please take care of your body - only listen as long as it feels supportive.
It's similar to going into the sauna. It has a strong effect, so more is not always better.

04 My niche story (5:15min)

Within 12 years of being in business, I had phases where I struggled with my niche
and phases where it was super clear - and I think that this is normal.

Crazy newsletter open rates (up to 295%), being featured on TV...
it's always when my niche was clear that things spread like a bush fire.

05 You can’t serve everyone - and you don’t need to!  (06:38min)

There are some common limiting beliefs that can stop us from niching down:

  1. “Everyone needs what I offer” With more than 6 billion people on this planet, you just can’t help everyone. When you try to do so, you are likely to burn out. That way, you would help fewer people. Having a clear niche prevents you from burn-out and overwhelm, so you can serve more people.

  2. “I can’t afford to not work with every client I can get” Some clients might drain your energy. You can’t afford to work with clients like that! Working with some other clients might recharge you. Say only yes to that kind of clients, and you can serve more, have more impact, and get paid better.

  3. “They should get support!” Everyone should receive the support they need. Luckily, you are not the only amazing human being on this planet. If your niche is clear, you can work together with like-hearted people who also serve a clear niche. You can collaborate with them.

    That way, everyone can work in their zone of genius. More impact, happier clients, more fun, more revenue. Easy.
  4. “A niche would take away my freedom” In my experience, when we have too many option, we get overwhelmed and drown.

    Swimming in the middle of an ocean with no land in sight might be free, but not safe. Swimming in a beautiful lake or swimming pool is both free and safe. Therefore it’s sustainable.

  5. "Once I have my niche defined, I can never change it again."
    No, you can change your niche whenever you want. It is not set in stone.
    It often is a process to get more and more clear about your niche over time.

Exercise: Take 5 minutes and contemplate:
What do I think about having a clear niche? What’s both positive and negative assumptions?

Please share them in the comments or write me a PM/mail, because that way I can add them here!

06 short meditation: Your sacred property  (15min)

In this meditation, I guide you through a process of claiming your space.

The mental image of a "property" that we are using stands for all the expressions of yourself and your business,
such as website, social media profiles, flyers and all the places where you share yourself and your work.

The meditation is included in the download file above.

07 The Abundance Perspective 1  (1:44min)

A lot of high-integrity coaches are afraid there could be too few clients.
I think the opposite is true - with more than 6 billion people in the world, we need to choose wisely with whom we want to work.

Exercise: Take a minute to calculate how many you can serve - per month and per year.
How many 1:1 clients? How many members in your membership?
How many workshop or course participants?

It can be very relaxing to realize how small this number actually is.
Suddenly, it feels realistic. Yes, it might take some time, and yes, it’s possible!

08 More on the Abundance Perspective (4:54min)

Getting clear about the number of clients can trigger all the parts of us that are not abundance.
It might be uncomfortable to feel but it’s good because that way they can melt into love.

09 Your Ideal Clients are Real (2:40min)

Instead of analyzing a ton of data, like the shoe size of your made-up “avatar”,
we take the heart-centered approach.

Exercise: Write down the names of your favorite clients.

If you don’t have any, write down people you’d love to work with.
The only important thing is that you feel a connection with them.
Optional: Write down the clients you’d love to let go.

10 More on You Ideal Clients (9:41min)

Knowing who your ideal clients are enables you to create offers that they will love - from your heart.
You simply serve them. That way, you attract more people who are like them. It is literally that easy!

When you know who you are talking to,
you intuitively know what to do and how to connect with them
(bye-bye, procastination and overwhelm!).

11 From vague to concret  (3:48min)

Exercise: 1) Make a list of the attributes you love in your ideal clients.

takes responsibility,
relationships are important to him/her

2) Brainstorm ideas of how the attributes are present in their lived life.

Open-minded: Loves to travel or read books
Takes responsibility: Works as a team manager
Relationships: Is married, has children or has longterm friendships

12 High-impact instead of high-price  (13:06min)

I don’t like “high-price coaching”, but I like having a lot of impact and getting a fair share of the value that I create.
I think that for example if you help someone solve a 10k problem and you charge 1k, that’s an amazing offer!

The question is: In what context does your work create the highest impact or value?
If you find that sweet spot, you can charge more and have more impact.
It enables you to share your gifts with the world freely with those who can’t afford it,
because you have a strong financial foundation.

13 Guided Meditation: Connect with your Ideal Clients  (47min)

The "heavy work" is done, now comes the fun part!
Make yourself comfortable and play the meditation.
You can also do that at night before falling asleep.

Wohooo - congrats!
You made it to the end of this workshop!

How do you feel about your niche now?
Please mail or PM me and let me know!

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Otherwise here's my email: hallo@thomasbroeker.com.

So what's next?

1) Follow your heart
By now, you should feel connected to your ideal clients.
Every day, just think of how you can serve them in the best way.. and then do it!

2) Know someone who'd love to take this workshop, too?
I am passionate about supporting more high-impact, high-integrity people to shine.
Please share! I can send you an affiliate link as well.

You benefit as well: When potential "competitors" get clear on their niche
and enter the abundance perspective, you can collaborate with them... that's much more fun!

3) Need more support to bring more love, ease, simplicity and minimalism into your business?
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4) If you have questions later, just send me a message!
I can add additional videos to this workshop - if I know what would be helpful.

That's it!
I hope that you enjoyed this workshop as much as I did and
am looking forwards to seeing your message in my inbox. ;)

Have a great day!