Finding your Niche

‘Get so crystal clear about your niche that even your clients could tell you who they are ‘

- 58min virtual workshop recording - broken down into 12 short videos -   $27  -

This is for experienced coaches, consultants, and experts
who struggle to pin down their niche:


If you’re not satisfied with the workshop for whatever reason,
you're covered by my no-questions-asked 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

What's included in the recording:

Grab a coffee. Click play. And before you know it, your niche is clear and aligned with your heart. What a relief!

Download the guided meditation with Binaural Beats in studio quality (as an mp3 file).

Clear Niche, workshop sold-out (and 2 TV channels as guests)

The Private Workshop

Book 2 x 75min complementary zoom sessions for 500$

I have covered as much as possible in the 27$ workshop recording.
For many, it might be all they need. Others might still want a little more guidance.

The additional sessions are 100% specific to your needs.
We can cover:

- deep dive coaching (dealing with resistance, stuck emotions, blocks...)
- smart business setup (how to get clients with ease)
- anything else you need to take the next steps in your business.

Bonus (if you like): You can record the sessions.

If you're interested in the Private Workshop, email me at

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