Welcome to the "Camera Shy to Camera Shining" workshop!

I'm super excited that you join me on a way to flirt with the camera,
attract your ideal clients and share your gifts with the world!

Grab your favorite drink and click play.
And in one hour from now, you have the tools to enjoy recording videos.
Ready? Let's get started...

01 Introduction (1:48min)

We are getting started!

This is all you need for this workshop:
- 55min of your time
- headphones (for the Binaural Beat music)
- a camera (smartphone / webcam / DSLR.. whatever you have)

02 A Short Meditation to Settle (6:30min)

You can choose between 2 versions - with /without Binaural Beats music

I'm sharing a powerful breath exercise in the meditation.
It's very useful before recording videos. Just 3 minutes of breathing, and it changes your state.

03 My Story with Sharing Online (5:30min)

I went from nervous about sharing a link on my facebook profile to enjoying being interviewed by TV with 2.5 MIO views.
My background: I studied movies & television, was a cameraman on public TV, certified communication trainer, coach and musician.

04 What's Possible when you Shine (3:30min)

Video courses, group coaching, freely speaking on camera, getting interviewed, social media content..
there are so many benefits to sharing yourself on camera.

There are so many of us high-impact, high integrity people.
But I can only take 2 new people per month into my 1:1 coaching program.

This Mini-Workshop is my way of supporting as many amazing people as possible - and it's possible through video!
The workshop contains the 1% that are important that give you 95% of the results (pareto principle).

05 Method 1: Make Friends with the Camera (13:30min)

In this video I share the first of the two methods that I recommend do practice every time before recording a video.

The camera is the eye of your audience. Most people (unconsciously) reject the camera - so your audience feels the rejection!
We reject the camera because of the stories and projections we have around it.
The good news is: You can become aware of your stories and change them.

An unhelpful story might be: "I don't want the camera to see me!"
A helpful one is: "The camera is my friend. Always there for me, receiving me as I am."

Surprise Bonus:
Download my freshly produced Binaural Beat music for this exercise:

DOWNLOAD (right click, save)

Download does not work on iOS (thanks to Apple..). Please use your computer.
From there you can copy the mp3 to any other device.

The music contains Binaural Beats and Bilateral stimulation.
Alpha Binaural Beats lead your brain into the alpha state - relaxed awareness.
Bilateral stimulation is used in EMDR (trauma therapy). It helps to let blocked emotions, feelings and fear dissolve.

They only work when listening with headphones.
Please take care of your body - only listen as long as it feels supportive.
It's similar to going into the sauna. It has a strong effect, so more is not always better.

06 Exercise 2: Connect with your favorite people (8:30min)

Talking is not the problem - you know how to do that. Not knowing who you talk is what creates friction.
We short circuit our brain by trying to calculate all possible strangers that are watching us.

Instead of  doing that, think of 1 person you personally know and record the video for him/her.

Choose a person that would benefit the most from watching your video.
If you imagine shooting a video for someone who is not interested in the topic, your energy is low.
If you talk to the person who desperately needs the information you’re sharing, you light up and it comes from your heart.

07 Exercise 2 Part 2: Live practice (5:00min)

08 Being Yourself on Camera (5:00min)

Stepping in front of the camera triggers our ideas of how we have to be to be appreciated.

Exercise: Take some time to journal.
Explore the questions: "How do I think I have to be on camera?
What parts of myself do I think I can show? What parts do I think I need to hide?"

You don't need to heal or change anything that comes into your awareness.
Becoming aware is what starts changing the concepts.

09 Guided Meditation (1:10min + 27min)

The meditation gives you space to explore your feelings and beliefs around sharing yourself on camera.
That includes resistance and suppressing ourselves. Everything that comes into the light can become light.
The more darkness comes up, the brighter you shine afterward.

1) Download the meditation on your computer (iOS doesn't work). You can copy it to any device.
2) There are 2 versions: One WITH and one WITHOUT Binaural Beats music.
3) Make yourself comfortable and listen to it. You can also use it to fall asleep at night.

The meditation can have a new and different effect every time you listen.

Bonus: Download the guided meditation in studio quality.

Download WITH Binaural Beats (right click, save)
Download WITHOUT Binaural Beats (right click, save)

10 You made it! Now what? (3:50min)

Wohooo - congrats! You made it to the end of this workshop!

So what's next?

1) Practise. Practise. Practise. Use the 2 methods every time before shooting a video. The more you practise, the easier it gets.

2) How was the workshop for you? What did you like? What question might still be open?
I am super curious! Please take a minute and send me a quick message (mail or facebook).

Are you on Facebook? Let's connect!
Otherwise here's my email: hallo@thomasbroeker.com.

3) I am passionate about supporting more high-impact, high-integrity people to shine.
Know someone who'd love to take this workshop, too? Please share! I can send you an affiliate link as well.

4) Need more support to bring more love, ease, simplicity and minimalism into your business?
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5) If you have questions later, just send me a message!
I can add additional videos to this workshop - if I know what would be helpful.

That's it!
I hope that you enjoyed this workshop as much as I did and
am looking forwards to seeing your message in my inbox. ;)

Have a great day!